Cyber Security with Adam Malone

Adam Malone

Adam Malone is the lead Director within PwC US Incident Response and Threat Management Practice. He oversees PwC’s Incident Response teams and focuses on the development of world class services, technologies and intelligence. He directs engagements on behalf of clients and delivers comprehensive value through integration of high fidelity threat intelligence and aggressive completion timelines. His breadth of experience covers multiple adversaries; Nation-state actors committing cyber espionage and cyber warfare; financially motivated international organized crime groups; domestic and international Hacktivists; as well as institutional insiders.

Through the lense of an IR practitioner, Adam provides strategic organizational information security perspective, and helps PwC clients with developing and implementing global security strategies and transformations. Adam focuses in aiding clients understand and implement threat models as a driver for prioritizing and implementing growth strategies.

Prior to joining PwC, Adam was a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI where he investigated cybercrime, acts of terrorism, and economic espionage. Adam was a member of the FBI’s forward deployed critical incident handling Cyber Action Team. He was the case agent on several high profile investigations and received distinguished recognition within the U.S. Government for his investigative results and acumen. During his time in the FBI, he led teams of FBI resources as a Cyber Supervisor at both field office and headquarters levels. Teams under his leadership produced investigative results that received distinguished recognition among their peers.

While in the FBI, Adam provided cyber response and investigations training to several international law enforcement agencies, and aided in the development of the FBI’s modern incident response procedures.

Prior to joining the FBI, Adam was employed as a Sr. Systems Engineer for BAE Systems, and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

Adam is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).