Measuring Outcomes, Value, and Impact with Emily Elliott

 Emily Elliott

 With a background in finance, math education and nonprofit management, Emily Elliott joined Charlotte-based Heart Math Tutoring as its founding executive director in 2013. Today, Heart supports over 750 weekly volunteer tutors who use Heart’s structured, hands-on curriculum to help students develop math skills and confidence. To date, 98 percent of Heart students have met program growth goals in math. Currently, Heart serves 660 students in 12 CMS schools. A native of Charlotte, Emily studied economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and began her career with several years as an investment banking analyst before moving to San Jose, CA to teach sixth grade math through Teach For America. Following a fellowship at a high-growth education startup in the Bay Area, Emily returned to Charlotte to help start Heart, with the belief that volunteer time is one of the only resources available to public schools that is not yet being fully leveraged. Emily has come full circle – in her career and life – in impacting children growing up in poverty, closing the gaps in math, and making the city of Charlotte a better place to live, grow up and learn.