Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop
August 26, 2021
8:30 am – 1:00 pm

The Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop is facilitated each August by Cooperative Christian Ministry to empower and strengthen our nonprofit community. This free workshop is an opportunity for nonprofit executives, staff, board members and volunteers to engage in professional development opportunities that will strengthen their impact in our community.
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CCM wishes to thank our partners for helping make this event possible!



Our 2021 Speakers and Topics Include

Jennifer Parsley Hubbard
Realtor Partner – Allen Tate/Team Honeycutt
Councilwoman – City of Concord
Keynote: Jennifer Parsley Hubbard
Realtor Partner – Allen Tate/Team Honeycutt
Councilwoman – City of Concord
A Story Worth Telling: The Result of Small Daily Choices
The small daily choices to show up, be real and allow our true self to be seen are what create a life – OUR life. Having more courage, purpose and connection means moving through each day without sacrificing our values and practicing authenticity with every word and every action. Join us as we explore the collection of those choices and the impact they have on our minds and hearts.
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Kim Lanphear

Apparo’s CEO

Stephanie McKee
Apparo’s Chief Technology Thought Partner

Lavonne McLean
Apparo’s Chief Programs Officer
The Hybrid Normal: Technology Best Practices for Nonprofits
Apparo, a nonprofit that supports nonprofits by helping improve the way they work, will share post-pandemic tips & tricks to optimize how nonprofits work internally and serve externally.  With a focus on using technology to work more efficiently and securely, this presentation will deliver actionable advice for nonprofits, whether returning to the office fully, partially, or not at all.
Topics covered will include:
New practices developed during the pandemic that nonprofits may want to keep
New practices developed during the pandemic that should be let go
Post-pandemic advice for working effectively through technology

An interactive Q&A will follow the presentation and will address audience questions related to technology best practices for nonprofits, virtual service delivery and hybrid workforce considerations.

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Kathy Rogers
Executive Director – Mental Health America of Central Carolinas

Andrea Towner
Development Director – Mental Health America of Central Carolinas
Storytelling to Share Impact and Drive Engagement
How to use ambassador, program participant, donor and volunteer testimonials to raise awareness, inspire donations and spread passion for your cause.  Will cover speaker’s training, recommendations for interviews for print stories and use of video to tell stories.
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Sarah Vingoe
Development Officer – Cabarrus Health Alliance
Grant Writing 101

Join this workshop to learn expert tools and tips to develop an effective grant proposal that positions your agency for future awards.

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Kellie W. Cartwright
Regional Development Director, United Way of Central Carolinas
Strong Boards for Strong Service: Developing an Effective Nonprofit Board
As organizations develop, their leadership should, too.  They should have the right people, doing the right things, at the right time.  But how do we know what’s “right”? Who is the board, and what should they do?  This workshop will explore requirements and best practices in nonprofit board development and leadership as service organizations experience growth in advancing their missions.
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Marcella Beam
Chief Community Health Officer – Healthy Cabarrus Executive Director
Cabarrus Community Health Needs Assessment – Understanding the Needs of Cabarrus County Residents
Every four years, Cabarrus Health Alliance and Healthy Cabarrus conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  The process includes review of secondary data on a variety of factors/topics (economic, education, housing, mental health, substance use, transportation, etc.), as well as primary data collected through community and key informant surveys, in addition to focus group feedback.  The CHNA process requires the participation of representatives from across the community and concludes with identification of the county’s top three priority needs.  As of 2020, the top identified needs are housing, mental health, and early childhood education and development.  In the session, you will learn what local data is available and how to access information that could support your organizations missions to impact the lives of residents in Cabarrus County.
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Ed Hosack
Executive Director-Cooperative Christian Ministry


Jeremy Burleson
Director of Community Engagement-Cooperative Christian Ministry
Vision to Voice

Knowing where you want to be is important – but just knowing will not get you there.

  1.  What good is a vision if you cannot articulate it?
  2. How do you know that your vision is the right one?
  3. What makes the “plan” to get there a “good” plan?

Gain insight from the process that developed CCM’s 10-Year Vision and 5-Year Strategic Plan.

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