Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop
August 26, 2021

The Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop is facilitated each August by Cooperative Christian Ministry to empower and strengthen our nonprofit community.  This free workshop is an opportunity for nonprofit executives, staff, and volunteers to engage in professional development opportunities that will strengthen their impact in our community.
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2020 Presentations Now Available for Streaming. View Videos Below.

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Our 2020 Speakers and Topics Include:

Jared Nichols
The New Futurist
Keynote: Jared Nichols, The New Futurist
Creating the Future YOU Want to See
Most people today, including many leaders, are preparing for someone else’s idea of the future, rather than creating the kind of future they want to see. But, there are always a few among us who dare to envision something better and take the actions needed to make it happen.  In this talk, you will learn how to develop the mindset these individuals possess, so that you can start creating the best possible future for yourself and the people you serve.
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Betty S. Foh
Cabarrus Health Alliance
From Silos to Synergy – Bridging the Gap for Better Outcomes
Collaborating across sectors to produce larger and better outcomes.  Participants will learn how to use strategic tools in measuring effective outcomes while working with partners.
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Heather Macaulay
Influential Writings by Heather Macaulay
The Secret to Getting the Grant (in 200 Words or Less)
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but how can you bring your organization’s message to life when all you’re given is a few lines to make the case? Join Heather Macaulay, Founder of Influential Writings, as she shares her secrets for prioritizing content and crafting concise, persuasive grant appeals.
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Ben Case
Focused on Fundraising
It’s Not Magic: Acquiring & Retaining New Donors 
Certainly one of the biggest challenges every nonprofit faces is finding donors.  In his presentation, “Acquiring & Retaining New Donors”, Benjamin R. Case, CEO and Senior Consultant for Focused on Fundraising, Inc., will discuss the best practices in today’s world to identify and engage future donors for your nonprofit.  Once they are on your donor list, Ben will discuss what you should be doing to keep them as donors for life.
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Gwen Stowers
cfa Church

In today’s rapidly changing culture, it is almost impossible to keep up with the vast differences between generations.  Hear the stories and learn how to navigate the multiplicity of “languages” needed to engage in the many categories of generations we find ourselves facing.  “Transmillennial” is a practical discussion on authentic conversation practices for healthy relationships in the workplace and society.

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Frank Schwartz
G3L Leadership
Crisis Averted?: Becoming a Bulletproof Leader

Leading through the current crisis hasn’t been easy.  It may be taking all you have to get this far.  All your grit and fortitude have been challenged.  Want to know the bad news?  It’s going to happen again.
This isn’t the first, nor is it anywhere near the last major crisis we will face in our time.  Your leadership and your organization will be tested again….and again…and again.  How do you lead with Virtue in times of trial?  How do you build resilience as a leader?  As an organization?
In this session, we will discuss the foundational principles, the skills, and the characteristics of a Virtuous Leader, and how those things can make you bulletproof against crisis.

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