Getting Ahead Program

Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM) is initiating a new training opportunity called…

“Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World”

If you’ve spent part of your life—or most of your life—struggling to get by in the world, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach. But even if your story has been filled with barriers, vanishing opportunities, and setbacks, the next chapter can change all that. Yes, you have to write it, but you don’t have to do it alone.
In a facilitated group setting, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World takes you step by step through a discovery of yourself like no other. It’s not just about how you got where you are now. It’s also about what comes next to build the life you want.

There are 3 ways to volunteer with this initiative.

1. Become a Getting Ahead Facilitator

By becoming a certified Getting Ahead Facilitator, you help under-resourced individuals to:
  • Take charge of their lives
  • Complete a self-assessment of their own resources and make plans to build them
  • Develop a series of mental models to examine their own lives and create new future stories
  • Help stabilize their lives
  • Investigate the impact that poverty has had on themselves and their community
  • Use this information to build resources for a better life and community

Here’s how…

1) Attend a Bridges Out of Poverty Training Session – There are four 1.5 hour sessions.  Please contact Zenobia Nelson at to reserve your seat. Space is limited.
2) Participate in a 15-week Getting Ahead Class.
3) Complete online Certified Facilitator Training (cost is $239/CCM will cover half).

2. Host a Getting Ahead Class (for churches and organizations)

Getting Ahead participants need a safe and welcoming environment to meet: a place where they feel comfortable to discuss their current struggles, as well as build a plan for the future.  If this is something that your church or organization can provide, we would love to talk with you more about hosting a class.
What is needed to host a successful 15-week Getting Ahead class?
A classroom setting with tables and chairs to accomodate approximately 15 students and facilitators
A kitchen facility where meals can be prepared for the class or can be brought by volunteers or members of the congregation
The ability to provide on-site child care during class time
If you are interested in hosting a class or learning more, please contact Zenobia Nelson at

3. Become a Hope Team Member

 After completing the Getting Ahead 15 week course, graduates are excited about the progress they have made and the goals they have set for the future.  Hope Team Members are individuals within the community who volunteer to come alongside our graduates and serve as a resource for information, encouragement and connection as they move toward their goals.  Are you interested in becoming a Hope Team member?

 Here’s how:

1) Attend a Bridges Out of Poverty Training Session – There are four 1.5 hour sessions.  Please contact Zenobia Nelson at to reserve your seat. Space is limited.
2) Let your facilitator know of your interest in becoming a member of a Hope Team so that they can connect you with a Getting Ahead facilitator.