Homeless to Housing (H2H) and Huddle Housing

The Homeless to Housing (H2H) Project is a partnership between our community and Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM) to establish new transitional housing capacity that will help individuals and families experiencing homelessness and housing crisis, to achieve stable housing.

The H2H Project is designed around a facility that can serve 50 households of families with children, senior adults and adults with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness or housing crisis. The initial impact will double CCM’s current capacity of its entry programs (My Father’s House and Mothers & Children) to 30-45 households and increase the program’s capacity by 400% when fully implemented. At full capacity, this facility and program will serve 180-220 adults and children, which represents approximately half (50%) of the current level of need for these populations.

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The Huddle Housing model is designed to meet the needs of senior adults, veterans and single adults with disabilities who are low and extremely low income and are capable of self-care. The program design is sensitive to the desire for independence or the specific need for companionship of service animals.

The program will provide daytime staff to coordinate access to facilities, meals and services. The community building will facilitate shared community responsibilities, activities and access to resources. Residents will share responsibility to maintain properties, prepare community meals, and pursue individual development plans.

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For more information, contact Jeremy Burleson.

Jeremy Burleson, Director of Community Engagement

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