About I Love My City

I Love My City is a weekend of coming together and serving our community.

Strengthening Community, one project at a time.
When a community of people develops the habit of looking beyond their own priorities to identify a need and then actively engages to address that need, the community becomes stronger. Everybody wins!

Groups are encouraged to identify or create projects to address needs in their own communities or neighborhoods and to assemble volunteers and resources and work with project coordinators to complete these projects during I Love My City Weekend.  Larger projects may involve multiple days, while smaller projects may be a simple act of kindness.  There is no project too small. 

Everyone can make a difference!   Thank you to all of our I Love My City Weekend participants and partners!

Welcome to our new Presenting Sponsor, Carolina Healthcare System-Northeast; partnering with Cooperative Christian Ministry to strengthen all five communities in Cabarrus County.

Thank You to our Organizing Partner, Cannon Memorial YMCA; including West Cabarrus, Kannapolis and Harrisburg YMCA’s

Back Again as our Kick-Off Sponsor; Charlotte Motor Speedway and Coca-Cola will kick-off I Love My City Weekend by recognizing Law Enforcement & Emergency Service personnel across Cabarrus County.

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Create your own Project

Are you creating your own project?  We want to hear about it!  Click on the location of your project below.  In the comment section, state your project, how many people are involved, where it is located and a brief description.  We want to celebrate the overall impact of everyone's efforts county-wide, so it is important that you register your projects!

Which city are you interested in? Concord | Harrisburg | Kannapolis | Mt Pleasant | Midland

Sign up for an existing project

Which city are you interested in? Concord | Harrisburg | Kannapolis | Mt Pleasant | Midland


What is ILMCW? This county-wide initiative focuses on projects in Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Midland and Mount Pleasant.  Churches, businesses, community groups, families, individuals and local government will rally together to make a positive impact on our neighbors through local service projects and by serving each other.

When is ILMCW? Friday, April 26th - Sunday, April 28th, 2019

When is the ILMCW kickoff?  Details coming soon.

I’m busy that week.  Can I do my project later?  Sure.  Just register your project online at and designate the date and time for your project.

Is there a cost to participate?  No.  There is no cost to participate. There may be some projects that require funding, but there are others that do not.

Can an individual register a project or does it have to be a group?  Both groups and individuals can register projects.

Can you create your own project and complete it also?  Sure.  When you register your project online at, specify in the comments field that the volunteer requirement for this project has been met.

Examples of projects:  

                Playing an instrument at a senior care facility

                Visiting an elderly neighbor

                Changing lightbulbs at a disabled individual’s home

                Building a wheelchair ramp


                Making cookies for the police and fire departments

                Cleaning up roadsides and creeks


Who benefits from ILMCW?  The whole community benefits. 

Can children volunteer?  Yes.  Just look for a project that designates that it is suitable for youth.

Where so I send my pictures from ILMCW?  You can email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.