Host a Summer Food Drive!

Summertime is typically a very low time for non-perishable food donations to CCM (and most other food pantries!), as families focus on vacations and many community groups take a break. However, food insecurity DOES NOT TAKE A VACATION.  In fact, this year we already are seeing a considerable increase in requests for food assistance.  The high inflation and skyrocketing housing costs are placing tremendous pressure on lower-income households.  And, during the summer, those households with children have the additional pressure of more mouths to feed.  Now is the time to take action and help our neighbors in need by HOSTING A FOOD DRIVE. You can see what our most critical current pantry needs are by clicking on Donate Food on the left sidebar of this page.

NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN?  Here are a few ideas…..

BBQ Food Drive:  Grilling is a staple summertime  activity,  so why not grill and give (give back that is)? Host a barbecue
and ask everyone to bring non-perishable food items that would typically be found at a barbecue.

Summer Camp Food Drive: Organize a food drive at your local summer camp. Ask campers to collect donations of canned chicken, canned fruit, peanut butter, etc. to help provide lunches for kids until school is back in session.

Dress Down  with  Food: Food drives at work can generate a lot of food and be fun, too. If your employer is willing, host a casual Friday (or Thursday) and make the cost of wearing those boat shoes and faded denim a donation to the food drive.

Youth Group Canned Food  Scavenger  Hunt: This is a great way  for your youth to have a blast, get adults involved, and help out your community. It is easily adaptable no matter if your group is

Neighborhood Food Drive: If you want to help organize a food drive for your whole neighborhood, let us know. We can help provide some great suggestions to make it a success.

Donating Money:  Click on the button below to make an online contribution via PayPal.  Please put “Summer Food Drive” within the comments section of your PayPal donation form.


Cooperative Christian Ministry is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. CCM’s tax ID number is 56-1320818.