Breaking Free From the Money Traps

This course educates vulnerable families and individuals about credit, predatory loans, penalties, and other banking basics.  In addition to classroom sessions, participants are paired up with their own personal financial coach to help develop individualized goals, get connected with resources, and start down a path of savings, credit repair, and even home ownership.

This FREE four-week training provides practical, yet compassionate, strategies for addressing the mental models of poverty, middle class, and wealth, and the “hidden rules” between the different classes of people. It also discusses the pitfalls and barriers faced by all classes, the patterns of generational poverty, and the impact poverty has on people’s lives in order to improve relationships and outcomes.

Getting Ahead is an incredible learning experience for individuals ready to move from just-getting-by to getting ahead! This FREE sixteen (16) week training approaches economic issues from a holistic perspective. The sociological and psychological causes of income challenges are explored from behind a strengths-based lens. Participants create positive personal change by learning about the reality of financial burdens, the benefit of social connections, and the importance of HOPE.