Youth Volunteering

Youth under 16 years of age must volunteer with an adult.  Youth 16 and over may volunteer without an adult present but we MUST have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian.


Other Ideas

It’s your Birthday! – Invite friends to bring non-perishable food or a gift of $ to donate to CCM’s food pantry in your honor. Encouragement cards – make cards to cheer up a client that comes to the food pantry
Lemonade Stand in your neighborhood Share  a blessing – donate water and snacks and hand them out to our clients in need.
Bake treats or make popcorn to sell Hold a food drive at your home, camp, school, sports group or church.
Get crafty – make and sell crafts to your friends Family gardens – plant an extra row for CCM and donate your fresh produce
Make a change – decorate a jar and fill it with coins to purchase food for CCM’s food pantry Blessings bags/hygiene kits – collect items and place in ziplock bag – Suggested items – soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, stick deodorant, comb, dental floss, etc.
Hold a garage sale Supply drive – collect and donate toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, cleaning supplies and baby items, such as formula, diapers and pull-ups for our clients in need
Movie or game night – invite people over and charge canned food for admission – let us know you’re coming, drop off your donations, and we can give you a tour of the pantry. Beans and rice packing – Bag up white rice and pinto or black beans separately in quart size bags and donate.
  • Monetary and food donations can be dropped off at 246 Country Club Dr in Concord.  Visit https://cooperativeministry.com/what-we-do/food-relief/ to see a list of CCM’s immediate needs.
  • For food drive information, contact Kris Edscorn at kedscorn@cooperativeministry.com or 704-706-9897.

Contact Lorie Williams at lwilliams@cooperativeministry.com or 70-490-4245 if you have questions or would like to find out more about the Beans and Rice Packing or the Share a Blessing project.