My Father’s House

My Father’s House is a faith-based transitional housing program that provides an interim solution for families who find themselves facing homelessness in Cabarrus and southern Rowan counties. Families can reside in our program for up to six months.
Immediately upon being accepted into our program, families are provided with safety and stability. While here, each family has their own private bedroom and access to a library, family room, playroom, restroom, laundry, and shower facilities. Meals are provided on-site up to four nights per week and each family has access to a shared pantry with items they can prepare and cook on their own.

Adults are given the opportunity to develop their resources and skills while here. Staff and volunteers provide our residents with an array of services, including case management and life-skills training. Case Managers work side-by-side with each family to support them while they identify their own goals and help them gather the tools they need while here to reach those goals.
Our supportive services include resume writing and employment assistance opportunities, courses on parenting skills, financial literacy, counselling and emotional stability, physical health and wellness and the support needed to make decisions that will benefit each person now and in the future. We do not charge a fee for any of our services.
My Father’s House does not maintain a waiting list for the program. In the event of program availability, past applicants may be contacted to determine continued interest in and eligibility for the program.

NOTE: If you or someone else in your family has already applied for housing, please do not submit another application.  Duplicate applications slow down the review process and may result in applications being missed.  Please also note that our housing program is located in Concord, North Carolina.

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  • Must be homeless and/or in imminent risk of homelessness.
  • My Father’s House (MFH) accepts female-headed households with children, aged 17 and younger. They must be physically and psychologically capable of living on their own.
  • Qualified applicants will be contacted for an initial phone interview followed by in-person interview for possible admission to the program.
  • All adults must pass a criminal background check prior to acceptance into the program. They must be employable (do not have to be currently employed), free from substance abuse and be committed to making positive changes in their lives.
  • All family members must agree to abide by all program rules and requirements set forth in our Resident Handbook.
  • All adults in the program must agree to a credit report and will be mandated to provide proof of income and money saved while in the program, create and adhere to an established budget, participate in life-skills training, and other activities.
  • We are NOT an emergency shelter – MFH is an intense six-month program.
  • Families in need of housing should contact our reception desk at 704-918-1269.