Our Vision of Cabarrus County 2030

In our vision of Cabarrus County 2030 A.D. we see…

Families with safe and affordable housing  who have nurtured their relationships, established financial stability, educated their children and planned for their future; including individuals and families who have experienced crisis and  were able to access a network of resources to regain stability.

Children who have experienced the benefit of good nutrition, healthy development, and access to early childhood education from birth to five years old; and children who have entered school with healthy minds and a thirst for learning; engaged students who have accessed the tools, facilities, instructors, and opportunities that encouraged, inspired and rewarded them with the knowledge and skills to achieve their potential.

Workers who have navigated their path to a chosen career and aspiring young adults who have transitioned from education to vocation with the skills to establish themselves in the workforce and displaced workers who have adapted quickly to changes in the workplace through rapid retraining and redeployment to emerging opportunities.

Seniors who have enjoyed the benefits of healthy activity and social engagement and have transitioned from profit-driven to purpose-driven activities upon their retirement, and older adults who have engaged with a community of support that has preserved their dignity and met their common needs.

We see every member of our community with the opportunity to discover their purpose and experience the fulfilment God intends for their lives.