Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop

The Cabarrus County Nonprofit Workshop is facilitated each August by Cooperative Christian Ministry to empower and strengthen our nonprofit community. This free workshop is an opportunity for nonprofit executives, staff, board members and volunteers to engage in professional development opportunities that will strengthen their impact in our community.
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CCM wishes to thank our partners for helping make this event possible!


Brandon Lindsey
CEO & Co-Founder of Dream On 3

Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Dream It. Do It.

Brandon Lindsey, CEO & Co-Founder of Dream On 3

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Our 2022 Speakers and Topics Include

Heather Macaulay

Founder of Influential Writings

Law & Order: Grant Writer’s Unit – Building a Case for a Verdict of “Funded”
As we navigate the world of “funded vs. not funded,” what can we learn from those who navigate the world of “guilty vs. not guilty”?  Join Heather Macaulay, founder of Influential Writings, as she explores the overlap between winning cases and winning grants.
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Wilmenia Gripper
Founder of 1,2,3 JUMP
Tech Tools for Nonprofits; Increasing impact and growth for nonprofits through technology

Our nation’s nonprofit organizations are increasingly playing a critical role in addressing society’s greatest challenges. To remain agents of change, we need a refreshed outlook, proven best practices, and more effectives tools! In this session you’ll learn firsthand, with a live demo, how to amplify your work. Leave feeling inspired, confident, and ready to advance your organization into the future by using the power of technology.

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Dr. Natalie Atwell
Natalie Atwell Counseling and Consulting
Mental Wellness for Nonprofit Employees

This workshop is for anyone seeking to understand mental health and wellness. Participants will learn an overview of mental health conditions that many employees struggle with and learn some strategies for helping themselves.

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Kellie Cartwright
Director of Regional Development –
United Way of Central Carolinas
DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Basics for Nonprofit Leaders

What is DEI?  How does it specifically impact Nonprofit organizations?  This workshop will explore definitions and other basics, and discuss how to apply DEI principles to nonprofit organizational operations and your personal leadership.

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Dr. Todd Redden
The Institute for Healthcare and Academic Leadership
Multi-Generational Team Building

Leaders across the country are seeking ways to better engage multigenerational teams.  The need for high-impact, high-performance teams is essential to an organization’s growth and success. However, leaders are finding that one size fits all strategies do not work across the board for all team members.  The complexities that multigenerational teams bring are seen at the frontline and can be seen at the Board level,  and can even include volunteers.  Dr. Redden will outline these complexities and provide leadership strategies necessary for effectively leading multigenerational teams, volunteers, and best practices for Board leaders.

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Ed Hosack
CEO – Cooperative Christian Ministry
Nonprofit Relationships

They are critical to our purpose and our survival, but the type of relationship matters.  The idea of an independent nonprofit died somewhere between a cruel joke and a fool’s errand.  Nonprofits are by nature inter-dependent, but choosing the right type of relationship is just as important to your outcomes as choosing the right partner.  This session will help you explore how to identify and choose the right type of relationships for your nonprofit (or business).

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