I pray for stability and security on a full-time job to support my children and our lives.

Please pray that the next family has the means to not worry about health or financial support may their families live happy and healthy.

Pray for my mind and strength to get through this situation.

Renewed life in our home, strength in our marriage, and bringing our children home.

I do need prayer for my mental health for my well being as I am trying to do better in life and to keep my spirits high.

Good health for me and my family and to be financially stable.

I thank God for keeping me this far and guiding and ordering my steps on whatever may happen next.

Please pray for strength for me and my family… please pray that I will find stable employment.

Please pray for my mental health.

Requests to pray for my children, my mother and father, sister and her children.

I would love for you to pray for me and my son for life, health, and strength.

Prayer for my mother’s health.

Pray for me and my family pray that I find employment soon

My children and I.

Please Pray for a Safe and speedy recovery for my daughter and I.

I want prayer for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

I pray that my husband and I can get on our feet.

Please pray for my mental health and my financial well-being.

Praise: Even through these hard times, I’m grateful that I’m able to spend this time with my son.

Financial stability, my kids health and thankful for all my many blessings.

I am asking to pray for my fiancé so he may develop a closer relationship with God.

That my leg continues to heal.

Please pray for my daughter.

Requesting prayer for a job.

Prayers for my sweet boy, as he fights his battle

Please pray for me and my family.

Please pray for my family’s health.

I am seeking prayer that I find employment soon.

Please pray for me obtaining a job which will allow me to find employment that will allow me to be self sufficient.

I want to pray for financial stability, pray for a home for me and my children that I can afford, pray from clarity from god on letting me know how to move forward.

I am asking that you pray for me & my family as I have been going through a difficult time these past few months financially.

Please pray for strength to get through these trying times as well having all my needs provided for.

I ask that you pray for my son.

Please keep my family lifted in prayer during this hardship time.

I only have thanks to give at this time for everything.

Just to keep myself and my family and that he continue to bless us and keep us with a place to live and food to eat and to remain steadfast in his will no matter what.

I pray that I find a good job I understand that when God shuts one door he opens another one please help me pray for patience and inner peace during these trying times for myself and my family thank you guys for your prayers and all the help that you provide to the community

Prayers that I can finally find my happiness and home I can call my own.

Please pray for my continued strength to keep going.

I am asking for prayers to keep a roof over my children and my head.

I ask in Jesus name for help in my time of need and lift the burdens I am facing today.