What Will Your Legacy Be?

Legacy Giving is a way to ensure the long-term sustainability of charitable causes you care about without sacrificing any money or assets during your lifetime.  It’s not about the size of your gift – it’s about sending the message that your values will live on far into the future.  Our gifts added together create a powerful impact for generations to come.
Create your Life-Changing Legacy by remembering Cooperative Christian Ministry in your estate plan.  For more information, browse our FAQs and documents, or email mylegacy@cooperativeministry.com.
Discover our “why” – Learn the importance and meaningfulness of joining CCM’s Legacy Society.

Case Statement

Print the downloadable version of our frequently asked questions to share with your loved ones as you make your legacy decisions.

CCM Legacy FAQs

Review commonly used terms used in charitable estate planning.

Legacy Giving Glossary of Terms

You know the legacy you want to share with the world.  Take the next step by declaring you intent to remember CCM in your life-changing legacy. Submission of this form establishes your membership in CCM’s Legacy Society.

CCM Letter of Intent

For CCM Legacy Society Members: once you have made provisions in your estate plan to remember CCM, please submit this form for our records.

Declaration of Formalization for Legacy Gifts 2019

Thank you for partnering with Cooperative Christian Ministry!
Your financial support is crucial to the individuals and families in crisis who we serve each day.

Cooperative Christian Ministry is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. CCM’s tax ID number is 56-1320818.

Thank You to Those Who Have Listed CCM in their Estate Plan

Mary Bassinger
Ralph Norfleet Blackwelder
Mike & Loretta Coltrane
Sarah J. McKinley Craven
James A. Graeber
Cassie Griffin
Joy McGill
Jean Marie McCurdy
Carol Palisin
Dorothy Louise Rose
Alma Davidson Rutledge
Mary Gwyn Stewart
William J. Richards
Bob and Rochelle Utsman
Williams Memorial Fund