The Rebuilders Campus

The Rebuilders Campus is a partnership between our community and Cooperative Christian Ministry (CCM) to establish new transitional housing capacity that will help individuals and families experiencing homelessness and housing crisis, to achieve stable housing.

The Rebuilders Campus is designed around a facility that can serve 50 households of families with children, senior adults and adults with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness or housing crisis. The initial impact will double CCM’s current capacity of its entry programs (My Father’s House and Mothers & Children) to 30-45 households and increase the program’s capacity by 400% when fully implemented. At full capacity, this facility and program will serve 180-220 adults and children, which represents approximately half (50%) of the current level of need for these populations.

Cooperative Christian Ministry’s Path to Stability housing programs represent a continuum of housing that allows time and opportunity for individuals and families to rebuild their lives and establish stability for their home and their families.

Individuals and families enrolled in The Rebuilders College will have satisfied a rigorous application process to qualify their need, readiness for the hard work of a structured and disciplined program and a desire to persevere for positive outcomes.

The Rebuilders College will provide stable housing, nutritional support, and access to resources that support positive outcomes. The encouraging community environment will provide resources for adult and child education, healthy habits and activities, connection to vital resources, access to public and other transportation, job training, career coaching and employment opportunities.

Brown Mill Commons will honor the history of the Brown Mill community and the legacy of the landmark structure on Concord’s Cabarrus Avenue gateway. The well-designed infrastructure will be home to resources for vocational and trade education, wellness services, child enrichment, coaching and counseling services and more.

Brown Mill Commons will be home to retail and commercial enterprises that serve the interest of the local corridor and campus residents. Participating enterprises will offer employment opportunities for the surrounding community.

CCM’s Path to Stability model is a three to four year progression where successful participants who complete the program will have achieved;
– debt elimination
– credit improvement
– financial budgeting and savings
– increased income and financial stability
– established child care supports
– reliable transportation strategy
– academic achievement
– successful parenting practices
– healthy lifestyles
– household stability

Graduates of The Rebuilders College will be ready to maintain stable independent housing in a safe and appropriate environment. Their children will have the opportunity to pursue academic achievement, discover their purpose and experience the fulfillment God intends for their life.

For more information, contact Jeremy Burleson.

Jeremy Burleson, Chief Relationship Officer

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